What Design Styles Do you Detest?

Mona Lisa with Moustache, by French artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968)

Mona Lisa with Moustache, by French artist Marcel Duchamp (1887 – 1968)

When working with a new client, I always ask what design styles they dislike. My clients’ responses on this subject never fail to make me laugh.I feel this information is imperative for me to do my job well. What if I don’t know a client abhors purple and it’s the very tone I choose?From the mouths of my clients, here are some recent favorite responses, anonymously:

▸ Anything with HEARTS, BALLOONS, AIRPLANES.▸ Orange drives me mad. It instantly agitates me.▸ Ugly things… fatty logos.

▸ I HATE cartoons! And I don’t like “ugly” art where the characters have gross features like overly large noses with weird heads. Not sure what that’s called but it’s awful.

▸ I really hate bubble letters.

▸ Comic Sans.

▸ The Coke Logo is annoying.

▸ I find the Red Sox lettering impossible to read unless it says anything but Red Sox.

▸ Country-cute… is that a style?  Anything that looks like a cartoon.

▸ Longaberger Baskets. Thomas Kincade.

▸ Precious moments. Plaid curtains. Cluttered.

▸ Microsoft, Samsung.

▸ I don’t like too grandma.

▸ Cartoony, too baby-ish… Nothing Disney-esque, please.

▸ Totally not stoked on tribal art.

▸ I don’t like cute. Cute names, cute websites.

▸ Corporate logos with globes.

▸ Nothing too prissy.

▸ My local newspaper.

▸ I don’t like things that look lazy, like Bevis and Butthead, or “cute” like Dora the Explorer.

Design choices can be a matter of personal taste or even arbitrary. These responses exemplify how very different people are in terms of likes and dislikes.

Certainly don’t let this deter you from bubble letters or grandma-style; if that is what tickles your fancy, go forward with confidence! Art is often the exact opposite of conformance.

From an artist that was often misunderstood and disliked,

“I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.”
-Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp

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