How to Add Text to Your Photos for Social Media Posts

How to Ad Text to Your Photos for Social Media Posts without spending a dime

So, you have all this GREAT stuff on your blog. You’ve been up late at night, just banging out article after article and you need to get more eyes on the goods! So what do you do? Share it on social media, right?

A lot of bloggers have loads of experience writing and taking photos, but they can’t figure out how to get text on their beautiful images to share on Pinterest, Insta, Facebook, etc. Well, here is how! It’s free and it’s easy.

Start by downloading Gimp.  It’s a free software made to mimic Adobe Photoshop. I bet you are thinking, “HOW did I not KNOW about this?!?!” It’s a pretty good source if you’d prefer not to pay for the monthly Adobe subscription for Photoshop. My only criticism is that the program can be a tiny bit slow. But hey- it’s FREE!

Gimp Image Editing Software

Next, choose the photo you’d like to represent your article.  If you don’t have great images of your own, try free stock photography like Pexels.

Step 1. Begin new file.

With Gimp open> File > New.


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