Gorgeous Custom Business Cards

Beautiful Business Cards Printed by ShaynaMade

Last year, I was incredibly lucky and stumbled upon Shayna Denham, a gal pretty close by me in North Carolina that does some AH-mazing business card printing! The above images are some of her handiwork. Aren’t they beautiful?

She has been working with several of my clients to print high-end business cards that couldn’t look any better. They have been SO happy!


Interview with Shayna:

Hi Shayna! I wanted to first say thank you for all the amazing work you’ve done for my clients.

You are most welcome, Meredith! It has been such a joy to work with you and your clients. 🙂

Can you tell me a little bit about what products you offer so that I can share with others?

At ShaynaMade we primarily focus on high end business cards, like plastic, silk, suede, spot uv, metallic, and gold foil. We want our clients to absolutely LOVE their business cards, so we offer nothing but the best.

What business card type tends to be the favorite?

Gold foil business cards are by far the most favorite. The cards are printed on sturdy 16pt stock with a silky matte finish that makes them feel amazing!! Our foiled business cards are also available in silver and copper.

Do you see any new trends on the rise?

Trends are so hard to predict. 😉 For ShaynaMade specifically, we have hopes to expand our foil color options and to start offering really thick business cards with painted edges.

What is the usual turnaround time for printing and shipping?

It definitely depends on what style of business cards are chosen. Our classic business cards can be in the customers hands in a week. The foiled business cards take a bit longer to produce and will be to the customer in about 2 weeks. Some expedite options are available for certain products. 

Check out her store on Etsy for more info on pricing and printing packages!

ShaynaMade is a small print studio based in Goldsboro, NC. “Shayna” means beautiful in Hebrew and it is always their goal to create “beautifully crafted business cards.” The husband and wife team, Tony & Shayna, are entrepreneurs at heart and have two other successful online shops: The Standard Canvas (wedding vow art) and Yukons Beard (amazing beard oil). 

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