Neutrals and Textures

Design inspiration from around the Interweb. A few things that strike my fancy.

Eye Candy: Art, Typography, Graphic Design

A: GRAPHIC DESIGN  Be Fearlessly Authentic.  Artist Unknown.

B: ART  Untitled.  Ellsworth Kelly. 

C: WEB DESIGN  Feathered.  Pattern Website Background.  {this is a free download that can be used on any website}

D: TYPOGRAPHY Northwell Hand-Scripted Font {$16usd}Sam Parrett.

Please feel free to use the color codes in anyway you like!

Matte Black: hex# 242423, Warm Gray: hex# 979797, Cool Gray: hex#d8d8d8, Matte Gold: hex# d0c09f, Cream: hex# f1eada

What the font? Understanding Commercial Licensing

In The Loop Font Designed by Patrick Seymour

Did you know that a lot of font styles require users to purchase a commercial license before use?

Fonts are intellectual property and subject to restrictions just like software.

Is your mind blown right now?! This is something many folks have never given a moment’s thought. But it makes sense once you consider it. Font designers work incredibly hard to develop well-rounded fonts with a full character palette, weights, glyphs.

With growing markets for couture font styles like Creative Market and My Fonts, free download sites like DaFont, 1001Free Fonts and Behance, the stipulations get a little confusing.

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