How to Create Balance in a Room: 3 Easy Steps Using the Stuff You Already Have

Hotel Henriette, Paris, France

I am a big proponent for utilizing what you have in your home and also making every space feel ultimately functional, comfortable and balanced. Whoa Nelly… that’s pretty ambitious, right?

Sometimes it seems hiring a designer to remove it all and redecorate in one fell swoop would be a like hitting the lottery, but then you would:

A. spend a ton of $$

B. pile up landfills even more

C. not have any of the things you love and cherish

D. not have a space that feels personal

…and that’s not cool.


So.. here are 3 huge things you can try at home to make your space feel balanced.  This applies to any room or space— living/family room, bedrooms, entry ways, studio apartments.

Literally anywhere! And best of all… it’s FREE! 🙂

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Staging a Home

Staging a HomeOver the past few months, I staged my Fiancé’s downtown bungalow home as well as my own house to put on the market; we are combining 2 households and buying a new home! His was under contract in 24 hours, mine in 4 days.Top 4 Interior Design Principles in Room Perfection:

Clear out everything you don’t love. This may mean getting rid of 60% or more of the things you own. Ask yourself, have I used this item in the last 6-12 months? Do I absolutely love this item? If the answer is no, to the Good Will donation pile it goes! Removing clutter is the #1 way to improve the aesthetic of a room.

Add a plant. So easy! Bringing a bit of greenery to a room brings life. Plants are an instant way to make a room feel fresh and clean.

Add something white and fluffy. If this sounds funny, just try it! Try a pillow or sheepskin throw; such a design element makes a room feel cozy and comfortable- a place you want to relax. The goal here is really to add some texture to the space that feels inviting.

Add books. A couple of coffee table-style books add a polished feel to a room. Potential buyers can more easily envision themselves relaxing and enjoying the space as their own.

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