Staging a Home

Staging a HomeOver the past few months, I staged my Fiancé’s downtown bungalow home as well as my own house to put on the market; we are combining 2 households and buying a new home! His was under contract in 24 hours, mine in 4 days.Top 4 Interior Design Principles in Room Perfection:

Clear out everything you don’t love. This may mean getting rid of 60% or more of the things you own. Ask yourself, have I used this item in the last 6-12 months? Do I absolutely love this item? If the answer is no, to the Good Will donation pile it goes! Removing clutter is the #1 way to improve the aesthetic of a room.

Add a plant. So easy! Bringing a bit of greenery to a room brings life. Plants are an instant way to make a room feel fresh and clean.

Add something white and fluffy. If this sounds funny, just try it! Try a pillow or sheepskin throw; such a design element makes a room feel cozy and comfortable- a place you want to relax. The goal here is really to add some texture to the space that feels inviting.

Add books. A couple of coffee table-style books add a polished feel to a room. Potential buyers can more easily envision themselves relaxing and enjoying the space as their own.

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