How to Add Text to Your Photos for Social Media Posts

How to Ad Text to Your Photos for Social Media Posts without spending a dime

So, you have all this GREAT stuff on your blog. You’ve been up late at night, just banging out article after article and you need to get more eyes on the goods! So what do you do? Share it on social media, right?

A lot of bloggers have loads of experience writing and taking photos, but they can’t figure out how to get text on their beautiful images to share on Pinterest, Insta, Facebook, etc. Well, here is how! It’s free and it’s easy.

Start by downloading Gimp.  It’s a free software made to mimic Adobe Photoshop. I bet you are thinking, “HOW did I not KNOW about this?!?!” It’s a pretty good source if you’d prefer not to pay for the monthly Adobe subscription for Photoshop. My only criticism is that the program can be a tiny bit slow. But hey- it’s FREE!

Gimp Image Editing Software

Next, choose the photo you’d like to represent your article.  If you don’t have great images of your own, try free stock photography like Pexels.

Step 1. Begin new file.

With Gimp open> File > New.


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How to Gain Clients and Grow Your Client List

how to gain clients and grow your client list

Gaining clients is probably one of the hardest parts when you’re just getting started as a designer, right?

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from new designers figuring out how to navigate this new world of business they are in. I love it! I love that so many feel comfortable reaching out to me. Community over competition, right?!!

So, this was my latest:

Do you have any advice for gaining clients or growing your client list?

What you ask is a really great question, and probably one of the hardest parts about starting your own design-related business.


I’d say the very first step is establishing a presence online. People all over the globe are searching for designers so opening yourself up to business world-wide (and not just locally) is important.

Set up a cleanly-designed website that introduces you to potential clients. Write in a voice that sounds like you, so people get a true feel for your personality and how you operate. Include a nice headshot! Showcase work similar to the type of work you’d like to be hired to create. (Don’t try to show every piece in your portfolio.) Within 1-2 minutes on your site, perspective clients need to understand the services you provide, your style and capabilities. Make it EASY. And a place they want to hang out and explore a bit.


Use lots of keywords that people would search for online in your writing. Name all image files with those keywords, as well, to boost organic web traffic.


Share your work on Pinterest and Instagram with appropriate keywords and hashtags. And of course… link back to your website!


List your business and business website on directories like Yelp and local Facebook groups. This will help grow your business locally.


Almost 1/2 (YES, HALF!!) of my business is new business gained from web traffic (the other 1/2 is referral and repeat business), and these super simple main points are what works!



A Journey of Authenticity: The Brand Brilliance Book

Brand Brilliance Book

Has anyone else been on this journey recently?

I’ve been discovering what it means to be authentic- authentic to myself, authentic in the way I present myself, authentic in how I development my surroundings, authentic in my business. Realizing what makes me unique and being proud to be just that. Choosing not to follow trends, not to just comfortably fit in, not to compare myself to others or doubt what I’ve got going on.

I started Fiona Humberstone’s new book Brand Brilliance the day it arrived at my doorstep and was overjoyed to read this same sentiment in her message. “Celebrate your magic.” “It’s simply a case of celebrating what makes you brilliant and communicating it with flair and intention.” And that wisdom is all before page 18!!

This one is a gem. If you are an entrepreneur at any stage of your business, this book will help. It’s a feel-good read that’s like having your bestie give you a huge pep-talk! (But with business wisdom that channels your efforts with chiseled precision.) You got this! You’re killing it!! (photo cred @thebrand_stylist)

Color Palette Inspiration: “Boundary” by Laurie Fisher

Color Palette Created from Laurie Fisher's Boundaries

Paintings on are one of my favorite things to oogle. Yeah, I said oogle. That’s one of those words you can casually toss out on a blog and not feel like a total nerd, as you might in casual conversation, right?

Laurie Fisher’s painting entitled “Boundary” is a masterpiece. The balance of bold stripes on the left with a soft wash of blues is so simple yet has depths of visual interest.

I’ve created a fun color palette with web color codes that can be used however you’d like! Just copy and paste the 6-digit code anywhere on a website where you can specify a color for a perfect match. These colors can also be used in a variety of design programs, desktop publishing programs and more.

Matte Black: Hex #1b1b1b, Dark Teal:  Hex #00617c, Medium Blue: Hex # 158aab,  Light Blue:  Hex #51bdd6, Taupe: Hex #c1c2b0,  Light Warm Gray: Hex #e8eae7


Neutrals and Textures

Design inspiration from around the Interweb. A few things that strike my fancy.

Eye Candy: Art, Typography, Graphic Design

A: GRAPHIC DESIGN  Be Fearlessly Authentic.  Artist Unknown.

B: ART  Untitled.  Ellsworth Kelly. 

C: WEB DESIGN  Feathered.  Pattern Website Background.  {this is a free download that can be used on any website}

D: TYPOGRAPHY Northwell Hand-Scripted Font {$16usd}Sam Parrett.

Please feel free to use the color codes in anyway you like!

Matte Black: hex# 242423, Warm Gray: hex# 979797, Cool Gray: hex#d8d8d8, Matte Gold: hex# d0c09f, Cream: hex# f1eada

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